(private) Academy and Gallery

Teaching of Art

- Familiarity with the essentials (foundations) of visual arts.

- Form, space, light and shade (shadow), perspective.

- Inanimate nature, land scape (view), Figurative, portray.

- Familiarity with different techniques.

- Human designing club.

- Rando - Vitrail

-volume- making (mass- making) workshop.

- Art history of Iran and the world.

- Familiarity with art (artistic) schools of Iran and the world.

- Training workshop for new arts.

- The relationship of different arts to each other in creating a new work {including designing, painting, Graphics and photography}

- creativity in the paintings of children and teenagers and discovering their talents.

- Graphics {the structure of picture, visual creativity, symbol, poster}

- Holding creative workshops in studio space and ourdoor space special for age groups from children to adults.

- Holding exhibitions of art students and publication of their works in seasonal catalogs.

- visiting art exhibitions (galleries) inside and outside the province.