Adults’ training is addressed from different

aspects Training is a vital source for human- being.

Because training can increase, manage and produce other valuable sources of the society

The valuable sources (resources) of the society include: knowledge, power, wealth, popularity and credit (honor). By training, the knowledge is transferred to the society; the knowledge is transferred to the society; the ability, skill (competency) and capability of the society will increase to acquire the power, wealth and honor (credit). The possibility to produce the knowledge can be provided by the effective and systematic training. The knowledge production leads to wealth production, as well as the power production.

If the knowledge is managed appropriately (properly)

And along with values, it will result in the social popularity and reputation. Therefore, training is a rich source and efficient reservoir for each person at any time for all affairs. Because of reserving the acquired experiences and skills, the adults are the valuable and de facto wealth (asset) of the society. If their abilities are faced with stagnation and/ or deficiency due to various reasons, the solution to go out from it, is training.