The book “Line and spot of some Baboli people”
 Nima publication (press), Babolsar- Mantra Research Group
Price: 10000 Toman
And how being…
We always witness the inconsistency (incoordination) of value- based criteria of the artist and society.
Relying on his/her art, the artist consistently tries (attempts) to return human (humanistic) values to the existence (life) of human.
Without analogy (comparison) between myself and the facts which exist in relation to the missions of the artist, besides I have never escaped from that commitment, it doesn’t seem appropriate for me to appreciate Baboli people by holding an exhibition titled as “some of Baboli people”. But using these pictures, I am looking for a visual equivalent for a collection of my non- visual feelings.
I want to discover something which is consolidated (integrated) into deep philosophical concepts and the problem of “to be” and “not to be”.
In this way, I want to create (generate) a balance between my inside and outside worlds.
This is obvious even in the decoration of the exhibition’s pictures.
The collection is begun with a set of pictures of the bridge and it is finished by it either.
I think of the body, life and performance of the bridge. The bridge which during these long- lasting years, in any time and situation, has saved you and me and a lot of creatures in the peak of generosity, patience and tolerance, even by broken mane and mace.
It has taken my hand and carried me from this side of the river to other side. Sometimes, I think of myself and it, I think about my existence dignity, about being the superior of all creatures. I am ashamed of its generosity and tolerance. I think about different creatures of this immense (boundless) existence (world).
While (Despite) all of us are from the same body and soul, we are jealous of everything.
But I wish I was a bridge in this immense existence (boundless world) on fruitful imagination of the river, under the rice stalks of rice farms.
Long live its affection, Babol river and bridge- February- march 2015- keivan zand.