Parnaz Dadashi
Born in 1981-Tehran

Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in library science field from university of Al-zahra- Tehran-2003
Designer- Painter
Beginning of artistic activity empirically: since 2004
Teaching in Rooha visual arts academy: since 2013
Public relations manager of Rooha visual arts academy and Gallery: 2014

Designing exhibition " Parnaz Dadashi " as  Fancy a Night Drill – gallery rouha  2017

Group exhibitions:
Group exhibition of Mazandaran contemporary artists- parizha painter’s workshop (studio)- 2015
Group exhibition in laleh Gallery- 2011
Group exhibition in sari Art Gallery- 2006
Group exhibition iof artist ladies (women) of
Mazandaran province- sari culture office Hall-2005 Participating in Media workshop by attending Naser Palangi-2014
Participating in private workshop titled as “Borderless Art” by attending Rooha Teymoori in Rooha Gallery-2015
Participating in private workshop titled as  “Each view is not contemporary” by attending Rooha Teymoori in Rooha Gallery-2015
Sale of 2 artistic works by attempt of Rooha Teymoori in coln, Germany- 2015
Sale of 1 artistic work by attempt of Rooha Teymooi in Madrid, spain-2016
Holding 10 private workshops in Rooha Gallery- 2014-2015.
Picture making of children Book titled as “Little Elephant” from mina Toghyani press (publications)-2008.

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