Rouhollah Teimouri

 Title: Rooha = (pen name)

Born in Babol- 1984

Graduated of Art field- 2010

Corresponding manager and instructor of free academy of visual arts and Rooha Gallery- 2012

Manager of gallery site and Rooha academy www.rouhart gallery. Com

Manager of news database of Rooha visual arts- 2016

Group manager of visual arts of independent artists- since 2012

A member of Iran’s contemporary visual arts development institute- 2007

A member of Iran’s Youth cinema society- sari- 2008

Designer- painter- Graphist- New Art

Holding and participating in more than 80 individual and group exhibitions from 2001 through 2016 in Iran, united states of America, Russia, china, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Canada, Armenia, Peru, Dubai and …

In Iran: Tehran, karaj, Isfahan, semnan, Yazd, Birjand, kerman, Mashhad, Qazvin, Tabriz, babol, sari, Qaemshahr, Amol, Neka, Noshahr, Noor and …

Participating in artistic sales (Art Auctions) in the united states of America, china, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, spain, Armenia, Dubai, and …

Individual exhibitions from 2001 to 2015 in Iran, united states of America, Italy, Malaysia titled as “silence at the end of a sunny day”, “scale”, “Dark collection” , “I was created here”, “Lost spring”, “History is repeated”, “work shop without any question”, “Bitter smile”, “positive nostalgia”, “isolated populars”, “walking in pure moments”, “imagined smile”, and …

The most important exhibitions (galleries):

It mondo Dell Aete gallery in Italy, Germany’s Oldenburg university, opha contemporary arts museum in Bashghirestan; Russia, An An gallery in Malaysia, san Ignacio Lima institute gallery in Peru, Caroun gallery in vancover; Canada, Art institute gallery in Mexico, Ran House gallery in Toronto; Canada, Art Expo in Iran’s vahdat Hall- Tehran, Iran’s contemporary arts museum- Tehran, Isfahan’s contemporary arts museum, Imam Ali’s religious museum in Tehran, Iran’s Art cultural center (saba)-Tehran, Tehran’s Palestine museum, Tehran’s Niyavaran Palace museum, Mir Miran Studio (painter’s workshop), Iran’s artists House, Momayyez studio (painter’s workshop), Iran’s artists House, Nami studio (painter’s workshop), Iran’s artists house, Tehran’s Laleh gallery, Tehran’s pardis Mellat (Paradise of nation) gallery, Mashhad Artists House, Isfahan’s Artists House, Isfahan’s Naghsh-khaneh Gallery, Shiraz’s Artists House, kerman’s Faryad studio (painter’s workshop), shiraz Efdesta, Iran’s photographers center in Tehran, Tehran’s soureh studio (painter’s workshop), Tehran’s abolfazl Aali studio (painter’s workshop), Babol Museum, Molaiyan gallery of Babol, Rooha gallery in Babol, seven- mirrors gallery in sari, Amol’s zar gallery, Nika gallery in Neka, Hajme sabz (green mass) in Qaemshahr, Babol’s art gallery, Babol’s parizha gallery, Babol’s Ayda gallery, Amol’s Isou gallery and…

Holding more than 130 specialized meetings and workshops and exhibitions (galleries) in different artistic (art) fields up to 2016

Acquiring different titles in domestic and foreign national and international festivals up to 2012 Honor tablet along with sculpture as the superior artistic work from UNESCO cultural commission in Iran and united states of America, 2010

Publication of the book “Iron doors of Tabarestan”, 2011

Printing (publication) of “Lost spring” catalog, 2006

Printing (publication) of “silence at the end  of a sunny day” catalog, 2008

Printing (publication) of “I was created here” catalog, 2010


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